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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Mindful Meals?

We think you should choose Mindful Meals because we make eating healthy easy. When you plan ahead, you are able to eat more mindfully, stress less and save money. It is like putting healthy eating on autopilot – no more hassle with shopping, meal prep or calorie-counting. Priceless Caterings professional team does that for you. What you get are tasty chef-prepared meals, that are as delicious as they are healthy – and that makes you feel good. Freshly made and ready for pick up, or delivered to your door.

What are the portion sizes?

Regular Mindful Meals are 16 oz, of which the protein is 4oz – cooked weight. Large Mindful Meals are 24 oz, of which the protein is 6oz, cooked weight.

When are menus published?

Menus are published 2 weeks at a time, and are released on Thursdays.

What is the order deadline?

Orders are due Saturday 8:00pm CST, before the upcoming Monday meals. So for example, if Monday happened to be March 3rd, orders would be due by 8:00pm on the Saturday March 1st.

Can the meals be frozen?

Yes, most meals can be. Of course some items you would not want to freeze such as salads, raw veggies, etc.

How should I reheat my Mindful Meals?

Mindful Meals are microwave safe, but not oven safe. We recommend 1-3 minutes depending on the meal and your microwave.

How many days will the meals last?

Most Mindful Meals should be good for 5 – 7 days.

What do I do with the containers?

Please be mindful and reuse or recycle them.

What is the charge for delivery?

Delivery orders are charged at the rate of $1 per mile (away from Priceless Caterings Lewisville Headquarters, with a minimum charge of $12.

What if I do not like something in a particular meal? Or am allergic to an ingredient?

No problem. Please specify any preferences on your profile so you can filter to meals within your restrictions.

I am already a Mindful Meals customer on the old website. Do I still need to create a new account?

Yes, you will need to set-up a new account at our new website, creating a new username and password, and resubmitting your delivery info and credit card info. And as I thank you, we'll give you 10% off your first order on our new website! No coupon required.

I had a coupon code for your old website. Will it work here?

Yes, it will work on our new website. If for some reason it is not working, please let us know by calling us at 214-402-3293 or email at wecare@mindfulmeals.com .

Where did Meal Packages go?

With our new website, we have made the decision to retire meal packages at this time - and instead offer our Mindful Subscriptions. We believe Mindful Subscriptions will provide our customers, more convenience, simplicity, and options. We hope you agree. If you would like to see us bring back meal packages, please let us know at wecare@eatmindfulmeals.com.

I have unused meals from a previous meal package. Now what?

No worries, we are transferring any unused meal package credit over to our new system as credit in you new "Digital Wallet". This will allow you to spend the value of your unused remaining meals on our new site. If you have remaining meals but do not see a credit in your Digital Wallet, please let us know by emailing wecare@eatmindfulmeals.com and we'll get you taken care of!

Are Mindful Subscription meal plans recurring?

Yes. Meal plans are subscriptions and charges will recur weekly, biweekly or monthly based on billing preferences.

Do I have to order a Mindful Subscription Meal Plan?

Absolutely not! Mindful Subscriptions Meal Plans are just one of the ordering options we offer. You also have the ability to order a la carte or build your own meal with MindfulSelect. With these 3 options, you will only receive food when an order is placed.

Do I have to be home for a delivery?

No, you do not have to be home for delivery. We are happy to offer contactless delivery. Our delivery team will place your meals bag in your designated delivery spot (if a specific spot is not designated, the delivery will be placed at the front door), and we will alert you that the delivery has been made.

Can Mindful Subscription deliveries be paused or placed on hold?

Yes absolutely! Please log into your Mindful Meals account. Once logged in, please choose “Subscription” on the left. From here you can pause an upcoming delivery. Once paused, a prepaid delivery day will automatically be added to the end of your subscription.