How It Works

Our in-home cooking service provides the most convenient way to maintain a healthy lifestyle without giving up the simple joys of eating fresh, delicious food.

Here’s How It Works

Choose your entrees from the variety of options on our menu. Don’t worry, our menu rotates every couple months and includes a variety of choices, to ensure you won’t be eating the same thing over and over. You’ll have the ability to choose different entrees for each service date.

Next, we’ll help you determine the frequency of service just right for your household as well as a service date. The rest is up to us.

Meal Planning

  • We work with you to choose meals that suit your tastes
  • You choose how many meals and how many servings.
  • We keep track of your likes, dislikes and dietary needs




Getting To Know Your Household

  • Tell us how you would you like us to come and go……key, garage code?
  • Show us around your kitchen – Relax, our spices aren’t organized either.
  • Choose a service date and how often you would like us to cook for you.


On your service day we’ll:

  • Shop for groceries that morning.
  • Prepare all of your meal choices at one time, in your kitchen,
  • Label and store your meals in the fridge.
  • Clean up your kitchen, take out your trash and sweep your kitchen floor.

Pretty asian woman wearing an apron cooking in the kitchen


Spagetti mit garnelen

You’ll come home to:

  • Healthy, home-cooked meals.
  • A tidy kitchen.
  • Time to enjoy your evening as you wish.


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