We are dedicated to helping busy households like yours get healthy meals back on your table.

How It Works

Imagine coming home to healthy, home-cooked meals, you feel good about eating!  We all want to eat more of the healthy, fresh, unprocessed foods that are good for us.
But having them available?

Well, that’s been another story.



1 week free meal plan with grocery list


We Take Care Of

planningiconThe Menu

We provide a rotating menu with a variety of choices, you choose your meals and the amount of servings you need. We take care of the rest.

planningicon The Shopping

We do the shopping, unless of course you prefer to.  If so, we will provide you with a convenient grocery list.

cookingiconThe Cooking

We will prepare your chosen meals right in your kitchen and leave them neatly packaged in your refrigerator with instructions for finishing or heating.


cleaningicon The Cleaning

 You’ll come home to healthy, home-cooked meals and a tidy kitchen with extra time to spend your evening as you wish.

Happy Clients

Francie has been making amazing, fresh and healthy meals for me for the past year. The process is seamless and I look forward to her weekly visits. We collaborate over what I’m interested in for a given week and taking into account my nutritional requirements, Francie comes up with a few incredible tasting dishes that last me all week. Besides being a wealth of nutritional information, she also has excellent ideas for a wide variety of meals so I don’t get bored. The entire process is so easy and straightforward that I can’t imagine doing it any other way now. I’ve become totally spoiled.

 - Jim Taylor

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